Comments on CoinFLEX’s Restructuring Proposal

  1. CoinFLEX still controls 33K SBCH on smartBCH chain. SmartBCH Alliance is asking CoinFLEX to formally promise to burn these SBCH to the bridge address(0x8c 4F85 ec71 C966 e45A 6F42 91f5 271f 8114 a7Ba 15). If these SBCH are burnt, the SmartBCH Alliance will only need to bail out approximately 68K SBCH.
  2. CoinFLEX burns the fees on the main chain side as promised since the beginning of the CoinFLEX bridge.
  1. rvUSD
  2. Shares of the new restructured company
  1. rvUSD and the equity of CoinFlex distributed will be sold into sBCH, which we can safely estimate as around 10K BCH.
  2. Our donors already hold more than 20K sBCH ready for donation.
  3. We’ve got more than 75K main chain BCH donation commitments from donors.



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