Introducing smartBCH

This is the first official introduction to smartBCH! It seems that after dedicating ourselves to developing a sidechain for Bitcoin Cash, with an aim to explore new ideas and unlock novel possibilities; we have never taken the active approach of formally introducing ourselves.

Therefore, we want to leverage this opportunity to say “hello” to the blockchain community, existing partners and potential partners, and developers who have found us through the smartBCH social channels. We don’t have amazing stories, but we have accumulated many years of hands-on development experience and have identified various projects and developers who make things happen in the blockchain community. We intend to add value to and empower the entire ecosystem.

If you’re wondering what smartBCH does, we’ll keep it very simple for you. We provide an EVM & Web3 compatible sidechain for Bitcoin Cash, staking its hash power while utilizing BCH as the native gas-paying token. What’s more, by incorporating hardware-friendly components, vastly increased scalability is unlocked. We believe that smartBCH will provide the same benefits as ETH2.0 in a much shorter time frame, achieving a block gas limit of one billion.

Features: smartBCH’s innovation lies in libraries to provide a compatibility layer supporting EVM and Web3 to users and developers.

  • MoeingADS: MoeingADS uses a single-layer architecture, accessing the file system directly without having to use any other databases. It is a KV database that can provide existence and non-existence proof. It can replace Ethereum’s MPT as an authenticated data structure.

Successfully raised 1000 BCH on Flipstarter in 36 hours

On March 19, 2021, we successfully raised 1000 BCH on Flipstarter! We wish to extend a huge thank you to all those who participated in the event. This wonderful result would not have been possible without your incredible support. The donations will be used for product and business development.

Involvements in is a service that allows users to create a short URL (e.g. to use on social media instead of a lengthy Bitcoin Cash address. Our team lead, Kui, has been involved and was the one who proposed this project idea.

Release smartBCH v0.1.0

This repository contains the code of the full node client of smartBCH, an EVM & Web3 compatible sidechain for Bitcoin Cash. It is currently only available for single node testing.

We are actively developing smartBCH and a testnet will launch soon. As we approach the testnet launch, we invite anyone to download the source code and start a private single node testnet to test your DApp.

Last but not least, join the smartBCH community to stay in touch!




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Maximize throughput of EVM & Web3 on a sidechain of Bitcoin Cash