Welcome onboard, Suterusu!

We welcome Suterusu, a second-layer private payment infrastructure for smart contract platforms, to be deployed on the smartBCH EVM. Suter Shield is a private payment network built on original ZK-ConSNARK technology that has an almost constant proof size and much more efficient proof generation and verification time compared to similar solutions. It does not require a trusted setup, which makes it even more secure and transparent. It has already been launched on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain for a few months and received significant support from the communities, accumulating close to 250 million USD transaction volume and 4500 active users. “Suter Shield deployed on smartBCH will undoubtedly enjoy the greatly improved scalability and significantly reduced gas fee of smartBCH EVM, the sky is the limit for the growth of Suter Shield smartBCH.” said Dr. Kui Wang, lead developer of the smartBCH project.

“We are proud to announce that Suter Shield will be the first bunch of products that are deployed on the smartBCH blockchain. SmartBCH is a project with great ambition that is translated into reality. With its hardware-friendly, highly scalable smart contract functionality, and the support of Bitcoin Cash community, smartBCH will undoubtedly become the real contestant of both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. We have deployed the Suter Shield on the smartBCH test net and everything works perfectly. The gas fee is significantly reduced and the user experience is terrific. We firmly believe that a lot more privacy-conscious users will become the users of Suter Shield smartBCH and open this new chapter of decentralized and private payment. ” said Dr. Huang Lin, CTO of the Suterusu project.

About smartBCH

Started in December 2020, smartBCH is a sidechain for Bitcoin Cash and has an aim to explore new ideas and unlock novel possibilities. By developing optimized, high-throughput and hardware-friendly libraries compatible with the de facto standards of smart contracts, DeFi applications can be easily migrated into Bitcoin Cash’s ecosystem and run fluently at low cost. In March 2021, smartBCH raised 1000 BCH from the Bitcoin Cash community with a Flipstarter campaign. The funds will be used for product and business development.

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